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Arizona Desert Guardians is currently operating a Child Search and Rescue Mission in Tucson, Arizona. #OperationBackyardBrawl

Our 3 mission objectives are:

  • STOP THE MOVEMENT - Identify, isolate and eliminate ALL illegal trafficking routes on the Southern border.

  • HUNT THE WOLVES - Identify active predators, gather accurate evidence and forward to LEO's

  • RESCUE THE LAMBS - Identify holding facilities, create liberation plan, execute plan immediately.

The mission operates 24.7 / 365 Days a year until June 2021 where it will be reviewed.

No money will be accepted or paid to ADG volunteers or ADG Executive Command. Only material support and gift cards can be accepted.

WITH a righteous anger in our hearts we go out 24/7 365 Days to protect and rescue children from our borders.

Boots on the ground. ARe you an appropriate volunteer?


Your safety and the safety of everyone else is our number one priority. Any unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.

Team Player

You must be a team player and be able to take instructions and orders from more experienced Veterans or Camp Leaders

Right Reasons

Our goal is to protect the children and keep everyone safe. Cowboy's and want-to- be hero's are not welcome.

Understand the Risks

Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of everyone, however the dangers are real and unavoidable. Snakes, scorpions, Cartel's and the environment pose very real risks.


Experience is important but not necessary for all volunteer roles. To undertake search and rescue you will need to show competence and the right attitude. Military experience is preferable but boots on the ground is important to the overall success of our mission.

Calm Attitude

If you want to volunteer, you need to have the right attitude and the ability to stay calm and focussed in any situation.

 Good Heart

If you have love and a desire to protect our children and country we need your help!

Hard Worker

Weather in the Arizona desert can experience extreme hot, extreme storms and difficult environmental conditions. We need people willing to work hard against all odds and under difficult situations.

Do you meet the above criteria?
We would love to have your help!

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I wanted to be part of helping solve a world wide problem. I have travelled to Tucson multiple times to assists this fantastic organization.


Combat Veteran

I came to protect the children and wanted to help with their mission. I have come down to learn what they are doing and hopefully take that knowledge home to help continue the mission of stopping human trafficking.


Combat Veteran

I came to Tucson after seeing the child sex trafficking camp and the child's deceased remains on social media. I recommend to anyone who wants to get involved in helping to end this sickening trade to get involved with ADG.

Dave (Australia)