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The below list will allow us to have a mobile command base on the border which will ensure we can stay for longer and move the command base as required to different areas. Your support is very much appreciated.

Please look through the supply requests and send a form enquiry with any specific questions.

Money is NEVER accepted, our labor is FREE.

Soon, the World's Children will be too.

  • Gas card
  • Go bag food, slim jims, peanut butter crackers, canned meats
  • Cameras to record video because phones don't have great pic in some areas service is horrible.
  • Flares- the kind that hang in the air for 15 minutes, as well as the kind that shoot out of a gun for only a few seconds.
  • Mountain house meals
  • Camo clothing even used is ok
  • Flares- the kind that hang in the air for 15 minutes, as well as the kind that shoot out of a gun for only a few seconds.
  • We need 4 more handheld radios Baofeng F8HP/UV5R programmable type radios
  • We need two mobile repeaters for those radios in order to attach two radios together and leave in a vehicle to double our search range.
  • We need 2 long range magnetic vehicle mountable antennas for use with the mobile repeaters.
  • Replacement belt clips, lanyards, earpieces with microphone, battery packs, programming cord for CB, (these all get damaged or broken during operations).
  • High power binoculars (at least 8x40)
  • Gopro Hero 4 Silver (3 of them )(already have one) or newer. Would prefer the GoPro 7. Two are for mounting on vehicles and two on our persons. Will also need the mounting apparatus.
  • Both SD and Micro SD cards (with adapters). GoPros take Micro SD cards (higher capacity the better), but the trail-cams con only hold 16gb (both SD and Micro SD).
  • Camelbacks x 4, either black, khaki, camouflage, or green. the more water capacity the better. The more additional pockets the better.
  • All types of string/rope. bailing wire, High test fishing line, binders twine, 550 cord (nothing that is high visibility-we don't want it to be seen), rock climbing and rappelling rope (for lowering into caves, tunnels, mineshaft, etc) other climbing and rappelling gear.
  • Solar power system for installation in slide-in camper. At least 4 deep cell batteries (27 series or 29 series) or 8 batteries 6volt each. Solar panels not larger that 7ft in length (2-4 of them depending on width). 2 battery isolators, 1 or 2 gauge cable spools, 12 volt to 220 inverter, 12 volt to 120 inverter, battery cable terminals.
  • Jerry can type gas cans or metal gas cans of at least 5 gallons.
  • Mobile connectivity & RV/Marine high power outdoor wifi antenna (PDQ has one) wifi booster, wifi extender, router
  • 2 satellite phones
  • 2 bulletproof vests class IIIA+ size large
  • Special 1st Aide Items- instant clot, 2 tourniquets, hemostatic bandages
  • Camo netting of assorted sizes. coverage for large vehicles, tents, ourselves (blinds) etc. Most of the area is Mesquite, plus more green foliage as well as areas of plain open desert sand.
  • Two tires for trailer (7.50-17r load range D / 8 ply rating) tube type, and tubes and tube rim protective sleeve.
We often like to open the mail and thank people online so you can see your donations being collected and used. Some of these people have been attacked on social media by the cartels minions. Would you like your information kept anonymous?
Please Send all Donations To:
C/O Arizona Desert Guardians
1830 E Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85719

Please note we do not accept cash donations.

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