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Why are there so many fake accounts and online hate?
The cartels and their minions are very upset that we are stopping trafficking on the border. The more trolls and attacks the more we know we are hurting their dirty business.
Do I just turn up?
No. Please fill out the form and someone from ADG will contact you to chat about your skills and suitability.
Do I need to be a Veteran?
No. Military, combat and police service experience is very useful but is not mandatory. There are a number of other important roles within camp that do not require military experience. In your application, please advise us of your area of expertise or interest as a volunteer.
Is this safe?
No. Whilst we try to take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our team and volunteers, these missions are not safe and you must be aware of and accept these dangers before considering becoming a volunteer. Snakes, scorpions, cartels, locals that assist the traffickers, dirty officials and harsh weather conditions all add to the danger. We believe protecting woman and children is worth the risk.
Do I need to arrange my own accommodation and food?
No. We supply basic food and camping accommodation facilities. We survive off the kind donations of our ministry and supporters.
Do I need a vehicle?
No. We have vehicles but extra transport is always handy. We supply fuel cards for those using their own vehicles.
Do I need a gun?
No. We have armed Veteran's who supply security detail at camp and whilst on missions. If you are military or prior law enforcement including certified instructors we encourage you to bring your weapon.
I am from a Country outside the United States. Can I help?
Yes. Volunteers from all over the world are welcome.
Will we rescue children?
Yes. If we see trafficked women and children, we will try to rescue them if it is safe to do so. We have rescued over 55 children so far.
How harsh are the conditions?
Temperatures can be as high as 115 degrees fahrenheit during the day. We also have monsoonal rains that can flood areas. You need to be prepared and capable of assisting in difficult conditions.
How frequent are Missions?
Our Missions are carried out 24/7 in shifts throughout the day and night.
What gear do I need?
We supply backpacks, water, food, sunscreen, communication gear, medical kits, head torches and some other necessities. Please bring trekking boots or shoes, long pants and comfortable gear to trek in and all your toiletries and medications.