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So VOP continues to do amazing work and today rescued 94 extremely dehydrated people that had crossed the border. Approximately half were children and there were several babies within the group and several others needed hospital treatment for severe dehydration.

Remember they estimate 60% of the woman and children that undertake the crossing are raped. Many of the parents give up one child as an insurance policy and are required to pay off the trafficking debt by working illegally to get their child back. Whilst the cartels and human traffickers have access to the "insurance policy" child they are often raped and tortured. Many parents never get their children back.

This is from Xavier who is currently a Veteran and part of the team on the border that rescued these 94 people....
#wakeup #america !!! This is your #backyard#humantrafficking is a #real#problem#tuscon#arizona#veteran#veterans#vop

Are you a Veteran or have skills that can help the team with more rescues. VOP and America need your help!