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Our trip to VOP October 2018

My husband and I had been watching the VOP story since June. One day I saw this face on the live steam and something just pulled my heart to this lady. One night while I was getting ready for bed, I sent a message to VOP telling them  I will always pray for them. I got a reply back immediately. We started chatting. The person told me they were getting ready to go out on a night op. I asked who I was talking with and she said her name was Becky. Being suspicious I asked her to send me a video clip of her saying my name so I knew who I was talking to. I told her that I didn’t want open my heart  if I was chatting with some dude. To make a long story short...she did.

I had been IM’ig with Becky for a couple months.

Never met the woman, only been watching the daily live streams and mail runs. Anticipating the news of their mission ops..hoping they would be successful with finding missing/trafficked women and children. But yet hoping in my heart this was just sensationalism or a farce like the opposition had been screaming for people to send gas cards and supplies for their cause.

Perfect timing…Googling the distance to Arizona it said it wasn’t too far. We thought, no problem. We decided to take vacation and drive down to see the legitimacy of their claims. My husband and I both have physical disabilities and we wondered how we could be of any kind of help.

We figured if we couldn’t physically help, we could at least be boots on line somehow. We finally made it from a couple states away (very long drive). Becky told me to let her know when we were close so she could pin me their private location for safety reasons.

Our GPS kept us in circles and we ran later than we had planned. Becky had been chomping at the bit all day, waiting for us to arrive and was not able to go on the day op with the rest of the team. I texted her 17 min away, 5 min away, then finally..WE’RE HERE!! We pulled into the camp area and sure enough there was this beautiful lady that I had been chatting with for a couple months walking out to meet us at the gate. Her smile was as big as the pistol on her hip.

Hugs and introductions….Becky showed us around camp. We exchanged gifts we got for each other. The camp was sparse, humble, lacking of any luxuries. They prepared a nice tent and cots for for our comfort. We went over to the picnic table and started chatting. We asked many questions that we had been wanting real answers to. Becky was more than happy to answer them all. Her answers were plentiful and genuine. Here I was asking her all the questions not really taking into consideration that she may be apprehensive of us. I didn’t realize that until later.

A couple hours later the rest of the team  (Lewis, Crash, Flyswatter, Danni & Air Force Mike) came back to camp from their day op. Personally, I was really nervous of meeting the core group of guys but I put on my brave face and threw out my hand introducing myself. WOW!!! What started as a handshake ended with a hug and statements of ‘nice to meet you, glad you could make it down’. Letting my breath out, I knew we were good. I said to Lewis “you are taller than I thought...I thought you were a short guy”. He laughed it off. Then I introduced my husband by his FB name and Lewis said…”Hey, I know you”, hearty handshakes again and guys continued introductions. We all went over to the tables where they told us about their day op. Man! We saw so much video the world will never see.  Flyswatter, with his journalistic integrity promised Border Patrol he would not post it for the safety of BP & their families. I gotta say it was some pretty good video. Flyswatter is a genuine real Journalist. Very rare guy. Very soft spoken and smart. Let me tell you a little about Crash.

Very handsome in person too. A veteran that has a heart for this mission. His mission overseas was ugly and hurtful. He knows the real enemy is domestic. Air Force Mike is also a veteran. A kind man until you ruffle his feathers.Then the veteran comes out.

He is really very sweet with a heart of gold.

Dinner was so fun. God provided us a concoction of mac & cheese, chicken noodle soup and a can of chicken, cooked all up together. Washed it down with coconut water. DANG it was soooo good. Really, no lie. Then after dinner the guys went out in the desert to gather more wood for the nights fire  because some of the team wanted to sleep out under the stars on cots for security.

Soon after the guys went back to work on the live stream updates. I sat down with Danni and worked on a puzzle trying to make small talk while Becky took a shower. While putting a puzzle together with Danni,(I could tell she was guarded), didn’t want to trust me, but who could blame her, we were still strangers.

Let’s just say that now I call her my Danni Pooh. She’s my girl. Her sweet smile truly brightens the camp. She is an animal lover (she had her sweet doggie with her), very artistic and has such an intriguing sense of humor. She is so much like my daughter.

By the end of the evening we all circled around the campfire talking about everything under the sun from each our lives to our kids & spirituality. They explained how this mission has cost them and their families so much but it was worth it to save the precious victims. They explained to us that some of the illegals only want to come to the US to escape poverty and make a new life for their families. They are told that they just need to go thru the fence and walk to the big hill, then they will have freedom. They don’t realize that it is about a 120 mile walk thru the desert sometimes topping 110+ degrees. The illegals are totally not prepared. Then there are the complete opposite. Ones that only want to destroy the lives of others by traffic/rape young children/women, run drugs into the US...there is more horrific things I could say, but can’t because it makes me want to cry.

Day Op….Bright and early the next morning Crash put a pot of cowboy coffee on the campfire. We all talked about what the mission plan was going to be for the day. They took into consideration my husband's and I being green, not as young as we once were, and not so swift of foot. After breakfast we all headed out  on a day op to check the trafficking corridor mearley feet from the so called ‘border fence’. We walked the area scouting for any evidence of footprints, garbage, water bottles, etc. We all started picking up the trash, baby diapers, women’s hygiene stuff, but left the tons and tons of water bottles/black jugs if there was water in them. Together we filled about 12 black garbage bags and piled them in the back of a trailer. While scouting around we also found an area where there were baby clothes, blankets and a pair of small young girls jeans. The jeans were ripped in the back like she was being pulled thru the desert. My heart fell. We also found pieces of paper with phone numbers that could possibly be the illegals contact person once they were on the US side. There were also cell phone activation numbers along with burner phone boxes.  Then….one of the guys found something that hurt my heart so bad...a used condom wrapper folded in a book page that was torn out of a children's book. Why? We also found a few Girls/boys under 18 birth certificates hat were from Mexico/Guatemala.. We now have a few names. Where to start, right? What do we do?

Because the evidence was so fresh, Lewis wanted to get back to camp so the team could prepare for night ops to locate/identify the group. Save the group if they were only migrants because they don’t know what is ahead of them or bust the traffickers. What I mean by bust is to simply divert them over toward to BP.  This is real!

All of this in one day...One day folks! One day was all that we got to spend with them, see the real people involved and witness first hand the true LOVE for humanity and God that these folks have. We left camp but not before we got to personally meet his beautiful wife and precious daughter. We were so blessed.

“We need boots on the ground...You come down, we will take care of you.”  is something Lewis has expressed/begged thousands of times in his live feeds. It is so true. My husband and I were helpful in the little bit we did. Everyone has the ability to do something. Something is better than nothing.

I am writing this testimony as we are driving on our way back home and all I can think of is when can I come back. Also, VOP has assisted in rescuing dozens of babies, young children and teenage girls & boys. All within 36 hours of us being right there in the same area. We aren’t even home yet. We haven’t heard a word of this on Prime Time News. Gosh, I feel such a connection with that team...I miss them, their love for children and wanting to save them.

I feel like I need to talk about Lewis here for a minute because he seems to be the one getting most of the bashing. Most of the viewers only see the angry side of Lewis. Sure, I get it. I was nervous that Lewis was going to be the ‘up in your face’ screaming like a drill sergeant kind of guy. That’s all we really see of this man, right?. Lewis is not like that at camp. He is calm. HIs voice is soft and kind. He is truly funny. This man has a faith based servant heart. He is compassionate, humble, loyal, dedicated, and always has the mission on his mind. He is totally protective of his family, team and the volunteers. What people don’t understand is he gets bashed and hurt so much from the media when all he is trying to do is get the American people to be aware of what is happening. What we all hear on his live feeds is righteous anger being expressed. All these guys/gals have families. They all put their lives on hold to save the children. They are fighting a war on the border that has very real dangers. Cartels, MS13, our own government, Lucifarians, pedifiles, drug mules & coyotes, the list could go on. Then there are the people that make fun of them, try to stop them by crushing their spirit and moral in multiple ways. Most of those type of people are either simply uninformed or they are the EVIL ones that are losing money & power because VOP is making the difference. Every day, minute and hour VOP is humbly doing God’s work.

Thank you guys for your continued sacrifice. We pray for ya’lls safety daily. I am sure we will see you all again real soon.


M & M

(Full names with held for their protection)