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What happens when Humane borders jumps veterans on patrol outside of a courtroom trying to defend their actions of leaving food and water for illegal immigrants. This hippie thinks that the water he leaves goes to the women and children when the reality is first the dope Smugglers get the water the coyotes get the water then the normal men in the group get the water and the women and children have to fight for the few drops that are left over

Humane borders an organization which leaves water and food drops for these illegal immigrants all up the route north is leaving more than water and food. They collect backpacks, boots, shoes, soap, medicine etc and leave drops along the way explaining the large piles of clothes always found on a trafficking route. The immigrants get a drop of new clothes and medicine and change in to the new clothing and simply just leave all their old dirty clothing scattered around or in piles. This must stop!  Humane borders makes it possible for the coyotes to abuse these women and children by ensuring that they have what they need to make the trip enabling the evil things done along those trails.